We are preparing Message Passing and PGAS programming models for exascale systems by addressing their main current limitations. By providing prototype implementations for both MP and PGAS concepts we will contribute to advancement in programming models for extreme-scale computing.

EPiGRAM Collaboration Meeting at KTH

When: March 31st from 12 to 18 at KTH in Stockholm. Where:  Computer Science and Communication (CSC) bibliotek room at the fourth floor of the KTH main building in Osquars backe 2 (or Lindstedtsvägen 3). Agenda: 12.00-13.00 Lunch (Sandwiches provided at KTH) 13.00-13.10 Introduction – Summary of EPiGRAM first…

EASC2014 - Exascale Applications and Software conference in Stockholm April 2-4 2014

Exascale Applications and Software Conference 2-3 April 2014 Stockholm, Sweden Exascale computing power will likely be reached in the next decade. While the precise system architectures are still evolving, one can safely assume that they will be largely based on…

Workshop on Exascale MPI at SC13

Together with the CRESTA project, EPiGRAM is organizing the workshop on exascale MPI at SC13 on Nov 22 2013 in Denver, CO, USA Website: http://www.pdc.kth.se/exampi13 Date: November 22nd, 2013 Location: Conference Room 201/203, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, USA Workshop program: 8.30…

EPiGRAM Kickoff-Meeting in Stockholm

There will a kick-off meeting for the EPiGRAM project on the 26th and 27th of November from lunch to lunch 2013 at KTH.