Source codes and documentations


  • Implementing a classic: Zero-copy All-to-all Communication with MPI Datatypes. By Träff et al. -> Here
  • Isomorphic, Sparse MPI-like Collective Communication Operations for Parallel Stencil Computations. By Träff et al. -> Here
  • MPI streaming library. By Ivy Bo Peng -> Here (Access on request, please e-mail Ivy Bo Peng)
  • Advanced datatype library -> Here



  • EMPI4Re (Exascale MPI for Research). By Daniel Holmes et al. -> Here (Access on Request, please e-mail Daniel Holmes)


  • EPiGRAM iPIC3D branch(es) (mainly maintained by I. B. Peng) -> Here
  • EPiGRAM Nekbone branch(es) (mainly maintained by I. Ivanov) -> Here